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The Bands Who Played at the Green's and Apollo

Robert Ellis/repfoto - ACDC - Glasgow Apollo 1980 we are trying to create a definitive list of all the bands that played at the green's/apollo and to provide dates, ticket stubs, reviews and setlists.  if you can add to our list or spot an error please let us know.just click on the year you want to see gigs for, or if ...

We are trying to create a definitive list of all the bands that played at the Green's/Apollo and to provide dates, ticket stubs, reviews and setlists.  If you can add to our list or spot an error please let us know.

Just click on the year you want to see gigs for, or if you are brave you can see all of the gigs we currently have by clicking the "All" link.

Any pictures, ticket stub scans, press clippings etc from the Green's/Apollo would be much appreciated, please send us an email.

The image on this page is from an AC/DC concert at the Apollo in October 1979.  Are you in the picture? If so we'd love to hear from you.

At last part of the mystery has been solved. We have been contacted by one of our readers Mark Fletcher and he writes "That's me centre of front 3 at the AC/DC concert, with my mates 2nd from left Gordon Bone; 3rd left Ian Campbell; 4th left me; 5th left Steven Lawrence".

Thanks Mark, brilliant stuff.

02.01.1976Sensational Alex Harvey Band
03.01.1976Sensational Alex Harvey Band
03.02.1976Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen
05.02.197610CC (tix)
 Chas and Dave
06.02.197610CC (tix)
 Chas and Dave
09.02.1976Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (tix)
10.02.1976Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (set list)
13.02.1976Lynyrd Skynyrd (tix) (set list)
 The Steve Gibbons Band
16.02.1976Emmy Lou Harris (tix)
 The Hot Band
27.02.1976Slik (tix) (set list)
28.02.1976Robin Trower (tix) (set list)
 John Miles
01.03.1976T Rex (tix)
05.03.1976Gary Glitter
10.03.1976Status Quo (tix) (set list)
11.03.1976Status Quo (tix) (set list)
12.03.1976Status Quo (set list)
13.03.1976The Hollies (tix)
 Labbi Siffre
14.03.1976Deep Purple (tix) (set list)
 Strapps (set list)
20.03.1976MAN (tix)
26.03.1976John Denver (tix)
02.04.1976Neil Young with Crazy Horse (tix) (set list)
04.04.1976Camel (tix) (set list)
 Hazzard / Barnes
08.04.1976Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons
 R & J Stone
23.04.1976Nazareth (tix)
24.04.197610CC (tix)
 Chas and Dave
 Chas and Dave
26.04.197610CC (set list)
 Chas and Dave
30.04.1976The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
01.05.1976Leo Sayer (tix)
02.05.1976Nils Lofgren (tix)
05.05.1976Tony Bennett
07.05.1976Rick Wakeman (tix) (set list)
10.05.1976The Rolling Stones (tix) (set list)
 The Meters
11.05.1976The Rolling Stones (tix)
 The Meters
12.05.1976The Rolling Stones (tix) (set list)
 The Meters
13.05.1976Nils Lofgren (tix)
15.05.1976Leonard Cohen (tix) (set list)
18.05.1976Gallagher And Lyle (tix)
 Chris De Burgh
22.05.1976The Average White Band (tix)
23.05.1976The Average White Band (tix)
24.05.1976Elton John (tix) (set list)
25.05.1976Elton John (tix)
26.05.1976Leonard Cohen (set list)
30.05.1976John Miles (tix)
07.06.1976Alexander (BA) Robertson
10.06.1976Dr Hook (tix)
24.06.1976Slik (tix) (set list)
26.06.1976ELO (tix)
 The Steve Gibbons Band
08.07.1976Genesis (tix) (set list)
09.07.1976Genesis (tix) (set list)
09.08.1976Eric Clapton (tix)
 Mr Pugh's Puppet Theatre
10.08.1976Eric Clapton (tix)
 Mr Pugh's Puppet Theatre
31.08.1976Black Oak Arkansas (tix)
 Ted Nugent
11.09.1976Bay City Rollers (tix)
 The Dead End Kids
18.09.1976Dr Feelgood (tix)
 George Hatcher
19.09.1976Flying Burrito Bros
 Barbara Dickson
21.09.1976Hawkwind (tix)
23.09.1976The Runaways
26.09.1976Be-Bop Deluxe (tix) (set list)
01.10.1976Sutherland Brothers and Quiver (tix) (set list)
02.10.1976Steve Hillage (tix)
 John Stevens' Away
03.10.1976Hot Chocolate
12.10.1976Barclay James Harvest (set list)
 Easy Street
14.10.1976Aerosmith (tix)
20.10.1976Max Boyce
22.10.1976Demis Roussos
23.10.1976POCO (tix) (set list)
 Cado Belle
25.10.1976Peter Frampton (tix)
 Gary Wright
27.10.1976Status Quo (tix) (set list)
28.10.1976Status Quo (tix) (set list)
29.10.1976Status Quo (tix) (set list)
30.10.1976Thin Lizzy (tix) (set list)
03.11.1976Tammy Wynette
04.11.1976David Essex
05.11.1976The Drifters
07.11.1976Tom Paxton
10.11.1976Linda Ronstadt (tix)
 Andrew Gold
13.11.1976Santana (tix)
14.11.1976Van Der Graaf Generator
15.11.1976Steeleye Span
 Martin Simpson
17.11.1976Kiki Dee
 Red Hot
19.11.1976Wishbone Ash (tix) (set list)
24.11.1976MAN (tix)
26.11.1976Cliff Richard
27.11.1976Cliff Richard
28.11.1976Loudon Wainwright III
01.12.1976The Marshall Tucker Band (tix)
 Bonnie Bramlett
02.12.1976The Dubliners
03.12.1976Steve Hillage (tix)
04.12.1976Bryan Ferry
05.12.1976Jackson Browne (tix) (set list)
 Warren Zevon
08.12.1976Joan Armatrading (tix)
10.12.1976Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (tix)
16.12.1976Rory Gallagher (tix)
17.12.1976Rory Gallagher (tix) (set list)
 Joe ODonnell
19.12.1976Eddie and the Hot Rods (tix)
30.12.1976Rod Stewart
31.12.1976Rod Stewart (tix)
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