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Band Memories

In this section you will find some of the comments kindly sent to us by the people who graced the Apollo stage.

Watch out for contributions from Chris de Burgh, The Groundhogs, Martha and the Muffins, Gary Numan, Sham 69 (Sham-Pistols), Krokus, OMD, Stiff Little Fingers, Wishbone Ash, Graham Parker, SAHB, ABC, Gordon Giltrap, Y&T, Secret Affair, Ralph McTell, Joan Armatrading, Howard Jones, Tom Paxton,The Jam, The Anti Nowhere League, Shakin' Stevens, DEVO, Ultravox, Howard Jones, Hazel O'Connor, Steeleye Span, Tom Robinson, Fagin, 10cc, Heavy Pettin', The Clancy Brothers, Big Country and Whitesnake.

More to come including.... Magnum, Spider, Rab Noakes and Shakin' Stevens.

If you played at the Green's Playhouse the Apollo or at Satellite City please email Band Memories.

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cuban-heels "..Hi Guys, what a great site.

I just wanted to correct one small thing. I was a member of the Cuban Heels and we supported the Stranglers in September 1978. Third on the bill was not the Exile, but a rotten band from Edinburgh called the Valves. They were managed by the promoters Regular Music and were extremely pissed off that Jean Jaques Burnel of the Stranglers moved us up the bill at the last minute leaving the Valves playing at 7.30pm to 8 people - heh heh.

Even though we had a pretty big following at the time, Regular Music never once put us on any of their bills after that.

I am now inspired by your site and am determined to dispense with modesty and use the words, 'I played the Apollo' a lot more often!

Good luck.."
"..I remember the Apollo vividly. Anyone who ever played there is bound to ! Quite apart from needing a team of sherpas to get on that stage (the only one in our career where we said if anyone got onstage from the audience, they could stay. They'd earned it !!), there was a huge climb to the dressing room.

Way up in the Gods when we played there. I remember Danny Kustow (of the TRB) guesting with us there one time and before he went on he was tying his bootlaces,balancing his boot on a glass table in the dressing room.

Obviously, he went straight through the table and bearing in mind the fearsome reputation of the Apollo bouncers, we had no difficulty persuading him the only way he was getting out alive was with a blanket over his head !

However, in common with most performers on this site, the thing I remember most is the warmth and sheer hell-raising wonderfulness of the Glasgow audience.

Something, I'm glad to say, which has followed us across town to our new spiritual home at the Barrowland. That spirit is what leads us to maintain worldwide that Glasgow is the greatest place on earth to play..."
Jake Burns
Gerald Casale "..Yes, we remember the Apollo. The stage was extremely high to the floor where the crowd stood. The crowd was wild and violent but not as violent as the bouncers.

When one DEVOTEE was boosted up onto the high stage by his mates two bouncers tackled him and beat the shit out of him in the wings while we played. I screamed over the microphone to make them stop but it was useless.

When we finished our set they threatened to beat me up for complaining.."
"..My memories of the Glasgow Apollo are all great. We had many superb nights there and the one with us going down with flu was a weird one. It was the opening night of the tour and we knew that Lol and I were ill, we had a doctor come over to pump us full of antibiotics and vitamins and we were lying on 2 hastily prepared beds under the stage for the rest of the afternoon.

We rehearsed briefly and thought we could do it. On the night, however, I got through maybe 3 songs and my voice packed up. I apologised to the audience and said we couldn't continue, but we'd come back at the end of the tour, and would repay anybody who wanted their money back.

Not one person did this and, after a 2 week lay off, we continued with the tour and tagged the Apollo on to the end. It was a magic night, one of the best gigs in my life actually, we had a ball and over-ran until the manager of the theatre threatened to turn off our power. I said, "Do you want a bloodbath on your hands?" and he backed down. Sheer Magic!!!.."
eric stewart
Bernie Torme "..Just had a browse around your site, really great, brings back the memories, those were the days, what a shame its gone. It should have been a protected building.

Two things I remember crystal clear about the Apollo, and truly there's not all that much from those days that has remained crystal clear, but it was always one of the stand out gigs on every tour that we played it.

That stage was unforgettable, and the totally great audience, just like the very last day of the roman empire, totally wild. It was like looking down into a pit of rock maniacs, and there was always that chance that you'd fall off, which really kept you on your toes if you were running around like me! We all loved it. It was just a great rock'n'roll gig.

The second thing I remember was not quite so good, one of Ian's long lost uncle's used to turn up in the dressing room every time we did it and bore the arse off all of us and then nick all our drinks for good measure......whatever, the gig always made up for it.

Peace and love Bernie.."
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