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Band Memories

In this section you will find some of the comments kindly sent to us by the people who graced the Apollo stage.

Watch out for contributions from Chris de Burgh, The Groundhogs, Martha and the Muffins, Gary Numan, Sham 69 (Sham-Pistols), Krokus, OMD, Stiff Little Fingers, Wishbone Ash, Graham Parker, SAHB, ABC, Gordon Giltrap, Y&T, Secret Affair, Ralph McTell, Joan Armatrading, Howard Jones, Tom Paxton,The Jam, The Anti Nowhere League, Shakin' Stevens, DEVO, Ultravox, Howard Jones, Hazel O'Connor, Steeleye Span, Tom Robinson, Fagin, 10cc, Heavy Pettin', The Clancy Brothers, Big Country and Whitesnake.

More to come including.... Magnum, Spider, Rab Noakes and Shakin' Stevens.

If you played at the Green's Playhouse the Apollo or at Satellite City please email Band Memories.

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Griff Fender "..I remember what a fantastic atmosphere there was that night in 1978 (wasn't the place under threat of closure then?). The band was hot - we were in the middle of a run of 3 consecutive chart No2's - but the audience were ablaze, mad for it.

I think it was part of the last tour we did with Dennis as a member, although we probably didn't know at the time. Oh, and my Aunt Georgie was there and missed the last connection for Dunoon..."
"..I remember the place well.  I recall the stage being about ten foot high and peering down at the crowd, who were usually on their feet on the first number. Always got an enthusiast response there. The Glasgow audience were quite a contrast to the Edinburgh crowd, who seemed more studious and conservative.

Good luck with the venture..."
mw2 "..I used to regularly play Clouds Disco in 1973 and 1974 as bass player with a band called Fagin.

Fagin was a Frank Lynch management band, we were ranked a bit further down in the stable as his main acts, Christian and Billy Connolly. (I remember Billy used to call us "The Fagins"). The main guy that looked after us in Frank‘s team at the time was George Miller, who was also Billy’s personal road manager. Now George had no hair on top but had a thick beard to compensate and in Billy’s act if George needed to come onstage to fix a mike or something, Billy used to make a joke and tell the audience that his roadies’s head was on upside down!

What do I remember about Clouds itself? I seem to recollect a mirrored ball on the roof above the centre of the dance floor. I don’t remember too many fights there, unlike many other venues in Scotland that we played at. The place was well run. One thing that struck me as being a good idea was when I learnt that the Clouds bouncers had drawing pins running up and down the inside of their jacket lapels to thwart any attempt at someone trying to inflict a "Glasgow Kiss" on them!

And then there were the Clouds Go-Go dancers...I went out with one once...I can’t remember her name... it’s all such a long time now. Fagin was a semi-pro band. All the five guys had was a town planner, one was a van driver and so on...I was at Glasgow Tech. We used to play mostly Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday nights all over the country.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of the other bands playing the circuit at this time, some of whom were also regulars at Clouds. These names will probably ring some bells somewhere: Fable, Molls Myre, Stag, Salvation, Heidi, Hombre, Creed, Blint, Ryans Express, Nevada and Capricorn.

Keep up the good work with the website..."
"..Hi, my band Blint played practically every second week at Clouds at the same time as Salvation. We were signed to Frank Lynch along with Salvation and Billy Connolly. Apart from Salvation we must have played at Clouds Glasgow and Clouds Edinburgh more than any other Scottish band. We also held the record for the biggest attendance at Clouds when we played at the 1st year anniversary. We also backed Marmalade and the Bay City Rollers at the venue, and the Rollers even used our PA (turned way down so no one could hear them!)

It really as something else to walk on to the stage at Clouds on a packed Saturday night. When we walked on the stage and picked up our guitars they were soaking from the condensation. The atmosphere for such a big place was outstanding. We were standing in the darkness on stage then the DJ, I think it was Richard Park at the time would announce the band, the lights would go on and we would go right into White Light White Heat (our own version) a lot faster than the Lou Reed original. Ah those were the days.

Our line up was George Stuart on drums, Jim Ward on lead guitar, Dave Deacon on keyboards, Steve Barnfather on vocals and myself Jack McGrory on bass..."
Band Portrait
steve "..Memory a bit rusty about the gig itself (it was in October 1974!). I don't have the set list but I'm sure in 74 we were playing most of the solo LP (Still available from Island) and we would have played 'Raise your Hand' and 'Can't get next to you' old soul songs and maybe 'Desperado'.

I know that Roxy Music were great lads especially the drummer Paul. They made us very welcome thats for sure and I don't think I'd ever seen a guitarist with so many stomp box's as Manzanera had.

We were a very normal bunch- a bit of booze and not a lot of fooling around. I guess we were too beardy or something. A couple of girls did ask us to sneak them in as their girlfriends, we didn't, said we had girlfriends to which they replied "Make it 2 and we'll have a gangbang!" We thought that charming but didn't take them seriously.

Ferry chatted now and then but his manager seemed to want to keep him away from everyone so it was all a bit formal with him. I would love to play UK again but no plans yet.

I remember our sax player kicking the monitors off stage but I don't know if that was at the Apollo or somewhere else on the tour. He eventually emptied his hotel room, bed, tv and all fixtures out the window in London when we did the Rainbow, smashed a skylight and well- single handedly gave us a Rock'n'Roll vibe!! cost him a lot of money and the wrath of Chris Blackwell!

Scotland was always a great time for us, we stayed at Dollar Farm when we were there, lovely place between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Best,  Steve"
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