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Exclusive Interviews

In this section we aim to bring you many more Exclusive Interviews. Not only from the Artists who played at the Apollo and the Green's Playhouse, but also from the behind the scenes people who help create the Apollo legend. Watch out for interviews with Richard Park, Ten Years after and Budgie.

author - Scott McArthur
Fin Muir and Pete Way Of Waysted interviewed - 04/02/2006
"".....the crowds in Glasgow dripped rock" Pete Way"
Do you remember the gigs you played on the Apollo stage? 
waysted1 - We supported Dio in 1983 and Iron Maiden in 1984. The Dio show was the first night of the Holy Diver tour and we were touring our Vices album.  We were all really nervous but the reception we recieved from the Apollo crowd gave both Waysted and Dio a lot of confidence for the rest of the tour. 
What about as a performer? 
Well I used to be in a band called the Downtown Flyers and we used to rehearse in the ladies toilets upstairs from the Apollo in the nightclub called Clouds. Then after practice we would sneak downstairs and watch the big bands doing their sound checks. We even say the Bay City Rollers once which was a laugh. 
What was it like to work with Frank and his team? 
Big Jan was a right laugh. He was quite posh and used to hate roadies with a passion. I remember on thing he used to say every time the roadies went onto the stage "Oh another fucking roadies opera" 
So you spent a lot of time in the old place? 
Yea, we knew all of the management team pretty well including Frank Lynch, Jan Tomcik, Eddie Tobbin etc. 
Fin, what is your first memory of the Glasgow Apollo? 
I went to see "Ten Years After" at Greens when it was still a cinema during the day and venue in the evening. I also saw great gigs by bands like Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull but my favourite was Family. Roger Chapman actally smashed a taborine with his hands such was his enthusiasm - mad! 
The 1984 Maiden gig is well remembered by the visitors to the website, what are your memories of that show? 
1984 09 11 - Iron Maiden was a great rock and roll night and my mum was in one of the boxes.  I told the audience that she was there and they burst into Mama Mia, typical Apollo reaction, we loved it and so did my mum.

We played the Easterhouse Festival round about that time as well and the reception there was amazing as well.  what ever happened to that festival it was a great gig.? 
Pete, you performed at the Apollo many times both with UFO and Waysted, what was it like? 
I loved the Apollo.  For the time the place was huge and the atmosphere was amazing. 
Was there anything that made the gigs there different? 
That's difficult to answer as most venues have their own character but the Apollo was certainly one of the best and the crowds in Glasgow, they dripped rock.  We were all disapointed when it closed and it has been difficult to replace but the fans are still out there looking for a good night out. 
So what are you lads up to these days? 
Well, wild Way and I here are about to deliver the goods once again in Glasgow once and the Waysted tour has been a great success. 
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