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Exclusive Interviews

In this section we aim to bring you many more Exclusive Interviews. Not only from the Artists who played at the Apollo and the Green's Playhouse, but also from the behind the scenes people who help create the Apollo legend. Watch out for interviews with Richard Park, Ten Years after and Budgie.

author - Scott McArthur
Richard Park interviewed - 04/02/2006
"...the Apollo was simply magnificent and was the classic venue of its day..."
Hi Richard how are you? 
Very well thanks Scott, great to talk to you about such a great venue and an exciting part of my life. 
Have you had the opportunity to have a look at our website about the venue? 
Yes I have and I was impressed and will be spending more time on there.  Looks like you have done very well with this idea  
What was your role at the Apollo Richard? 
Clyde - I was working for Radio Clyde back then and used to the resident DJ in the nightclub above the venue.

I had the great pleasure of presenting the "Sold Right Out" trophies to the bands that had sold out the venue. 
You must have met many of the top acts who played at the Apollo? 
Well yes I did.  I was there from 1973 to 1985 and pretty much met all of the bands from Hot Chocolate to the Commodores.  It really was an extra special time to work in the music business. 
Are there any particular shows or individuals that you especially remember? 
There were so many fantastic bands who played at the Apollo at the time so it's difficult to pick one out.

However,  I do recall one particular Rolling Stones show at the venue.  I met Mike Jagger backstage and the first thing you noticed was just how posh he was compared to the cheeky cockney image that he usually presents.

Believe it or not he was sitting in the dressing room having corn plasters put onto his feet.  He said they helped stop his toes being torn to shreds what with all the dancing that he did at the gigs.  Rock and roll!

I also remember meeting Midge Ure for the first time when he was in a band called Slik.  They were playing at the small nightclub above the Apollo called Clouds.  He was a nice chap and as you know he went on to geat things with Ultravox 
Why do you think that people remember the Apollo so fondly? 
Well the Apollo was simply magnificent and was the classic venue of its day and it was expertly run by the likes of Frank Lynch and Yan.

The other reason was that at the time you had a number of classic acts in their absolute prime who were touring.  You had world class acts like Abba, The Carpenters, Lionel Ritchie, Bob Marley, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac all with classic albums in the charts.  This is very rare these days and Frank and the team did an amazing job attracting the acts to the venue.

Funny I was watching the grammies 2006 last night and was thinking  - what happened to the days when you had dozens of great acts producing great albums.  Changed days indeed. 
Many of our visitors remember the smell inside the Apollo.  Do you remeber what it was like? 
Well thankfully the smell of the Apollo does not live with me these days! 
There were a few Scottish characters in the business back then. Do you remember any in particular? 
Jimmy -

Yes I do.  You probably know that Wings played at the Apollo - I think it was their final gig.  You have to remember that back then Paul McCartney was a huge star who still produced good music.

They had just released Band on the Run with Jimmy McCulloch on guitar.  Jimmy was a great character and guitarist.  Sadly he is no longer with us and was a victum of "life in the fast lane" a few years ago.

What I remember was the buzz around the place at the time.  Frank was the master of attracting publicity and Radio Clyde really knew how to get a gig/event noticed.  They managed to get the "A list" of the Scottish music, media and sporting world at the gig including most of the Rangers and Celtic players at the time.  Backstage was extra special that night and the gig wasn't too bad either. 

Any other gigs that you remember as having that extra special feeling about them? 
I, like many, also recall the Quo gigs at the Apollo.  The mixture of great rock and roll with a real fear that the roof was about to fall in on you.  They were a fantastic live act back then. 
Well Richard it's been a pleasure talking to you about the Apollo.  What are you up to these days - apart from the obvious? 
Driving - I am kept pretty busy with my music interest etc.  In fact I'm on "Stars in their cars" tonight! 

Thanks for getting in touch with me about the Apollo and I wish you and the Apollo crowd all the best for the future. 
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