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July 2003 - November 2003

WORD PLAY (HERALD 9th May 2005)

ROCK biographer Martin Kielty is lauding the long-lost Glasgow venue, the Apollo, possibly devoting a few chapters to the habitually cold greeting which met English support acts. Ross Stagg, singer with one such band, Strapps, recalls supporting Deep Purple. The Apollo crowd limply applauded Ross's first song before a budding Oscar Wilde cried: "F*** off."

This was repeated, more insistently and with the "off" increasing in pitch, after the band's second and third songs. Ross's retaliation - "I know a few bad words,too," followed by a pithy four-letter obscenity - earned Strapps their sole roar of appreciation.

Bombshell (Herald 25, November 2004)

NOSTALGIA website has successfully reunited some ex-employees of the much-missed rock venue. Various former usherettes have been reminiscing about old workmates, jovially discussing the erstwhile Glasgow Apollo electrician whose party piece during apres-work visits to pubs entailed him deftly removing said pubs' wall light-fittings. Meanwhile, one usherette plaintively asks: "Why did they send us to look for bombs under seats before concerts - we'd all been to Lauder's and could hardly see each other."

Pail imitation (Herald Diary, 16 February 2004) 

VINTAGE folkie Ralph McTell tells nostalgia website of his enduring pride in the statuette that the long-vanished venue once gave him following a successful gig.

Ralph recalls leaving the Apollo with the award tucked under his arm, encountering two cleaning women. "At least you're taking yours with you," the cleaners said. Johnny Cash had evidently twigged that his statuette was actually just a cheap vase from the Barras with a plaque glued on, abandoning it atop his dressing room's telly.

Then again, Johnny could have subjected the thing to a worse fate. Ralph confirms the lavatory in the Apollo's star dressing room was simply a bucket on the floor.

Rush Praise the Glaswegian Chorus in Classic Rock

The Apollo features, once again, in Classic Rock this month (UK Rock Magazine). Whilst discussing the groups live album "Exit Stage Left" with Geddy Lee, singer and bass player with the band, Philip Wilding writes:

"An undoubted highlight is the version of "Closer To The Heart" recorded at the Glasgow Apollo, and the sleeve credits the Glaswegian Chorus for its contribution.

Lee gets very nearly misty at the thought: "That's one of my favourite memories of touring Britain - playing the Apollo, the Glaswegians singing their heart out to that song. I think that's the first time we ever experienced something like that. It was just such an amazing moment that we just had to have it on our record". Read our forum entries

More Stranglers Live - Apollo 1981

"Apollo Revisited", is another version of the 1981 Glasgow Apollo gig, the audio of which is from the original master tapes (an officially remastered version is available from the merchandise site). The booklet features live photos and the transcript of a radio interview with Hugh. The track-listing is:

Waltzinblack; Non Stop; Threatened; Just Like Nothing On Earth; Second Coming; Man They Love To Hate; Meninblack; Who Wants The World; Golden Brown; Tank; Nuclear Device; Genetix; Bring On The Nubiles; Duchess; Let Me Introduce You To The Family; Hanging Around; The Raven. Read our forum entries.

In the Press - Herald (Scottish Daily Newspaper) 11 November 2003

"Saved by whoopsy"

MUSICIAN Tom Robinson contributes to the Glasgow Apollo website, recalling visiting Glasgow with fey English folk trio Cafe Society, supporting Barclay James Harvest. Aware Apollo audiences habitually detested warm-up acts, nerve-racked singer Hereward Kaye ruined some blokey football badinage by asking Scots to share his enjoyment of an English victory.

Thankfully, a roadie crawled across the stage fixing broken cables, whereupon Hereward dangerously echoed Frank Spencer, exclaiming: "Ooh, Betty, somebody's done a whoopsy on the floor." The gleeful Apollo crowd took this as anti-English satire, letting Cafe Society live.

1st Edition of Apollomemories Newsletter

We have produced our first ever newsletter for visitors to the website who have registered with us. It features Tom Robinson's Apollomemories in full as well as new pictures, concert reviews and feedback.

If you want to recieve our Christmas edition featuring Kiss, The Who and AC/DC, register now in the Apollomemories forum.

Tom Robinson Gets in Touch

UK singer song writer Tom Robinson has been in touch with us about his Apollomemories. Tom experienced the Apollo audience as part of Cafe Society (supporting Barclay James Harvest) and as a headliner with his own band. Tom clearly enjoyed the headlining gig which he described as "just the wildest, warmest audience a band could ever want. Hell, we even got laid afterwards."

Read Tom's full account of his Apollomemories in the Apollo years 1975.

In the Press - November 2003

Yet another (!!) Apollo show is featured in this months Classic Rock (UK rock magazine). This time it's the turn of Simple Minds at Satellite City on January 17, 1978.

In the Press - October 2003

Paul Weller dedicates "Pretty Green" to the Glasgow Apollo on his new DVD "Live at Braehead".  Both Classic Rock and Kerrang! (the two leading UK rock music magazines)  magazines feature classic gigs held at the Apollo this month - Blizzard of Ozz, AC/DC and the Clash.

The first stage of the Apollo's demolition is featured in Glasgow's Evening Times newspaper"Timespast" (15 October 2003).

Tom Morton Show celebrates the site launch

Scott appeared on the Tom Morton (BBC Radio Scotland presenter) show on the 5th of September along with Director and former music critic of the Herald (Scottish Daily Newspaper) David Belcher.  We hope to be able to provide a copy of the show on the site soon. Apollomemories is grateful to Radio Scotland for getting the launch of the site off to a great start.

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