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The First Few Months

M3 Remember the Apollo

Former Whitesnake (Marsden, Moody and Murray) and Black Sabbath (Tony Martin) band members now playing in M3 have featured our site this month:

"A new website looking back at the Glasgow Apollo has been launched. The relevance you might ask?

Well, it was the home of some of the most memorable early Whitesnake shows...the band remember these dates very fondly indeed."

"Bill Black's Country" joins the search for Apollomemories

Top country DJ, Clyde 2's Bill Black has contacted us and is keen to get Scottish country and western fans involved. 

Bill writes "Yes there were some classic country acts who "did" the Apollo. I'm sure some of our listeners have photos/stories and great memories of them".

Just the ticket - The Herald (Scottish Daily Newspaper)

OUR Glasgow Apollo story reminded Dougal, Sharpie, and Bamber, originally from Dennistoun, of their money-saving prank as youngsters when they would buy a couple of tickets for a major concert at a time when they were perforated down the middle.

After showing your ticket at the front door, you then went upstairs to your seat where the usher would keep one half. Only, before they got that far they would nip in the toilet, put the tickets into a matchbox, and throw them out the window to waiting chums in Renfield Lane who would then use them to enter the front door, and join them upstairs where each would proffer up half a ticket in the manner of folk who had indeed nipped out to the loo.

Now middle-aged and comfortably off, they argue that rather than fraud, this was an early means of making the arts accessible to the poor of the east end.

On the bounce- The Herald (Scottish Daily Newspaper) - 19 June 03

OUR stories about the Apollo in Glasgow finally brings us the nitty gritty from former bouncer John Gerrard, now working in Arizona.

He tells us about two chaps pogoing in the aisles during a Stranglers concert who were repeatedly told to sit down. Says John: "After several warnings of being ejected, another bouncer showed me how to deal with such miscreants. He grabbed one while the other disappeared into the crowd, and dragged the offender to a side exit. By throwing him against the 'push bar to open' succeeded in opening the door to the street whereupon the lad fell down the few stairs on to the pavement.

A short while later I got a hold of the second boy and took him to the same door this time opening it myself with a swift kick - resulting in the first kid who was now sitting outside on the stairs being sent hurtling back into the road again by the doors."

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