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And then he walked along the edge of the Circle

This is the place where we will post your stories about the Green's Playhouse, The Glasgow Apollo and Satelitte City (The Wee Apollo). As it develops we will break the stories up into sections such as Myths, Gigs I missed, Meeting the Bands, Where are they now etc. No story too trivial and we will only edit out bad language!

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Comments on Diamond Head [reply]
It was 30th Oct '82 by the backstage door waiting for the band to perhaps get some autographs.It was pishing rain and we were under the alcove by the door drinking our carry oot freezing to death.The band shows up and not only signs autographs for us but cos of the conditions invites us inside and let us sit up in the box seats off the stage while they performed their soundcheck.
Here we are in the box seats drinking and watching Brian Tatler playing "Am I Evil" riffs and asking us how it sounded - they were a cool bunch of guys who knew that they were just like us a couple of years back and I'll always remember them for that.
I'm sure they played The Penthouse(cant remember who supported them) and they were excellent. Can't remember who they supported at the Apollo but have a feeling i did see them there. Great band. [reply]
Yeah i was at the penthouse gig too, what i remember most was that the band had a new bassist i think he was called merv goldsworthy??? he wore a green boiler suit and played the bass like he was in haircut 100, excellent gig with only about 200 in the place the band played a set list made up of requests from the crowd. was this was one of their last gigs before splitting up? [reply]
i was a roadie for diamond head when we played
the penthouse.i remember the bass player ,he was from aberdeen .i remember we couldnt get the light stantions up the stairs for the rigs so we had to use 6 foot by 4foot light jeines '
and dropped one on our managers foot  and broke it. i remember standing on the dodgie stage stoping the amps from falling.through the gig'great days;
there was me (ronnie)andy(sluge) twin jim and bog
Bass player was David Williamson - superb funk bassist.  Merv Goldsworthy played the 1982 gig with Diamond Head. [reply]
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