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And then he walked along the edge of the Circle

This is the place where we will post your stories about the Green's Playhouse, The Glasgow Apollo and Satelitte City (The Wee Apollo). As it develops we will break the stories up into sections such as Myths, Gigs I missed, Meeting the Bands, Where are they now etc. No story too trivial and we will only edit out bad language!

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Comments on Genesis [reply]
I think that the concert date for Genesis 23/4/1971 was when they were actually the support band for Lindisfarne. I remeber this because I had never heard of them at the time and so came in late only to be blown away when I heard them. However they did come back later with the same show but as the headliner. Now maybe I have the above date wrong and this was their return show. If so when did Lindisfarne play. [reply]

My mate Big George went to see Genesis at one of those dates. He said 'Something went wrong and Gabriel came on stage with a corn flakes box on his head and told us the gig was off"

Apparently there was an electrical fault and the whole stage was live..

Those were the days
Actually it was Phil who was nominated to come out front and do the dirty deed ! [reply]
sorry was indeed Gabriel...he walked out on stage after ron geeson had been bottled off and made the excuse that the stage was it still puzzles me is the listings on this site ref the dates as they did not play the night after  it was the following tuesday [reply]
Iain, I was there.The night got off to a bad start with a poor guy failing badly with a solo act.If I remember correctly he tried appealing for order from the audience ,which resulted in more insults.He was eventually booed off.Genesis then failed to appear and the chant "We want Greens "went up from the audience.(It had just opened as the Apollo some weeks before.)
Phil Collins then came on and told the audience the equipment was live and if I remember his exact words were "You wouldn't want us electrocuted would you", to which the audience replied in one voice "Yes!" Don't recall the re-arranged gig being the next night though.

Interesting follow up to that incident at the Apollo.If you read the authorised Genesis history this was a watershed in terms of then having a good look at themselves professionally, (not musically) , but in terms of road manager,quality of roadies and equipment reliability.This was an embarassing evening.
the cancelled gig was 1st of october and they came back on the following tuesday having come back up from Southampton the previous night,no Ron Geeson on the tuesday just one helluva show,encored with "the Knife" complete with florescent tube [reply]
yep remember it well. It was Gabriel-no doubt. I think from memory Genesis didn't do any encores that tour except thr rearranged Glasgow gig. Still one of my all time favs. [reply]
Remember it well. It was Peter Gabriel who came out to apologise. Everything on stage was live. He got pelters. I have proof - I taped the apology and then the re-arranged show the next week. I still have the cassettes. [reply]
Well, if you still have those tapes, I would love to hear them! [reply]
You can mail me at [reply]
I was at that concert and I remember P.G. coming out and trying to explain the situation and getting pelters, I know I was one of the hecklers(drunk).
My mate said he came across an audio some years later and that he could hear my quite clearly but has lost the recording so if possible could you let me have a copy.
This was the first concert my brother, Russell & I ever went to at Green's Playhouse. Lindisfarne were good in a kind of cheery folky way, and they had a prize for the first person in the audience to come on stage and demonstrate that they were wearing yellow knickers.
Genesis however were sheer magic. It must have been about the time that 'Foxtrot' was released so the year would have been 197?. The encore of 'The Knife' was one of the most exciting pieces of music I ever saw at the Apollo.
If I remember rightly Rab Noakes also played a set at this concert.
For the Feb 1973 Genesis gig at the Greens, String Driven Thing were the support act - I think Chris Adams is still around the southside of Glasgow.
Genesis couldn't do an encore as Peter Gabriel informed the audience that the "mike was f*cked" - common problem in those days?
I think Watcher Of The Skies was the opener.
it was october the 6th the day "Foxtrot"was released i remember coz i was working in a record store called 23rd Precinct in bath st.and got comp tickets for the show.Genesis on 1st then the awful rab noakes followed by the horrendous Lindisfarne who leftthe lights up for the 1st 30 mins [reply]
I think oct. 72 was the right date. couple of reasons: 1. girl i was going out with at time & she was a lindisfarne fan. 2. Peter Gabriel came on with the foxes head on etc. 'foxtrot' was the new album. We had a couple of guy's few seats along there to see genesis who shouted 'boppers' all through the lindisfarne set!

Re 'live' stage this was some time later in '73 when genesis were headlining. They returned several nights later and as recompense did a lengthy encore of 'supper's ready' which they had dropped from their set list by then.
saw that one. My first Genesis gig. Bell and Arc were the first on,then Genesis and lastly Van der..... I think Charisma did the tour at  a cheap ticket price to promote their acts. Rare Bird did some of the gigs but sadly not Glasgow. [reply]
This was a bummer. I'd seen the tour at Hammersmith a few weeks earlier and it was stunning. Bill Bruford and PC were great together. Came up to Glasgow to see the second late evening show with my girlfriend.Turned up at about 10pm to discover it had been cancelled. The early show apparantly was great. Still hurts !!! [reply]
The 1976 show, yes I was there.  Can't remember if there was a support act.  Phil Collins on vocals, I think Bill Bruford on drums wearing a silly tank top with the letter 'B' for Bill on it.
   I rember Phil getting a bit theatrical with a dirty mac and bunnet while doing 'Harold the Barrel' or somesuch.  I enjoyed the show, I was still only 14 yrs old, and I'd had my first smoke of wacky baccy on the bus over from Fife.
   That's the thing I remember best of all.


On this tour Genesis did not have a support band and Phil used the mac outfit for Robbery, Assault and Battery.
Seem to recall that Genesis played support to Van der Graaf Generator,around the time of Nursery Crhymes.That would be around 1971 I think. [reply]
Couldn't get ticket for their 1980 'Duke' tour so listened to the whole thing from outside in the alley. Went down with some guys who had the same idea as me to the hotel they were staying at after the concert and managed to speak to members of the band. After this they only seemed to play big venues ( Hampden 1986  ) [reply]
I have very fond memories of the Duke tour as I was able to see Genesis on all of the Scottish dates. I especially enjoyed Aberdeen which was in an old cinema and Dundee in the City hall which was shaped like a giant wind-tunnel. The 2nd night at the Apollo was special as the band played The Knife as a second encore which they did not do on the other Scottish dates. Great tour and after this tour came the giant stadiums. However, I did see Genesis in 1992 in Brighton in a 2,500 seat hall without the huge range of special effects, a great night and a return to their roots, just playing music for fun. [reply]
October 1973. Had just been introduced to Genesis music that summer, thought it was the best thing ever, so this was my first Genesis gig, and my first gig at the Apollo - what an introduction! I remember the support guy being booed off, (don't recall the bottles, but we were some way back) hadn't any idea who Ron Geeson was, come to think of it, still haven't. It was Peter Gabriel who made the 'gig cancelled because someone could get electrocuted' announcement, still wearing his black catsuit and florescent eyeliner! He got a big cheer when he said they had arranged to come back the next week, and there would be no support! The actual gig was epic, the crowd was really into it, amazing electric atmosphere. Sadly it turned out to be the only time I saw them in the Gabriel era, glad they made the effort to come back. Went with Julie Blackstone, where is she now?! [reply]
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