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And then he walked along the edge of the Circle

This is the place where we will post your stories about the Green's Playhouse, The Glasgow Apollo and Satelitte City (The Wee Apollo). As it develops we will break the stories up into sections such as Myths, Gigs I missed, Meeting the Bands, Where are they now etc. No story too trivial and we will only edit out bad language!

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Comments on Mama`s Boys [reply]
Excellent Irish Band!!
Three brothers, Pat, John and Tommy McManus, latterly joined by a vocalist whose name escapes me at the moment.

Didn't ever see Mama's Boys at Apollo, but apparently they were very good suporting Thin Lizzy on the Thunder and Lightning Tour (Lizzy's last).

I did however see them several times at the Mayfair (now the Garage)and always thought they were brilliant. One of a few bands that make me wonder where it went wrong. (when you hear the crap that did make it!!!)

I have excellent photos of Mama's Boys, two of which I got enlarged to A3 size and then autographed the following tour. (Pat playing his Roland synth with a bow and John at the mic.)
gordon, i will agree with u, mama's boy's was a good band. they did a killer remake of slade's,
mama weer all crazy now. tourd the u.k. and allso the u.s.a. but never got pass the support slot.
they really fit the bill that night with thin lizzy. a great show once more at the mighty apollo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
support to scorpions 1984. top trio. what a talented guitarist/fiddler pat m was. remember that spinal tap-esque solo when he left the guitar in the middle of the stage and then fiddled about with the delay/feedback to produce a kind of feedback solo. saw them many times after this show. but they never got to headline at the apollo. the closest they got was a great headline at the mayfair (now the garage) on the power & passion tour. it all went downhill after that with the band going in an a.o.r. direction. then there was the personal tradgedy of drummer tommy's death due to illness. the two remaining brothers now are in and excellent folk/rock outfit called celtus. [reply]
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