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And then he walked along the edge of the Circle

This is the place where we will post your stories about the Green's Playhouse, The Glasgow Apollo and Satelitte City (The Wee Apollo). As it develops we will break the stories up into sections such as Myths, Gigs I missed, Meeting the Bands, Where are they now etc. No story too trivial and we will only edit out bad language!

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Comments on Neil Young [reply]
The biggest mistake Neil Young has made in his life was to have the Eagles open a gig for him.  They were sheer class – he was a disaster.  He could not hold a tune to save himself and worst of all at the beginning of the gig he announced that he was only going to do doing his new material.  A bit rich considering (as far as I know) this was his first visit to Scotland.

It proved to be a catastrophe.  Highlight of his performance was a sound engineer (!) coming out from behind a huge speaker, with his headphones still on, trying to keep him in tune by playing an accordion.

When  he finished his set and came back on stage (to lukewarm applause), he had the cheek to start his encore with the same song he had started the concert with!. 

I took me over 30 years to go back to see him recently at the SECC where I must concede he was tremendous.

Despite the foregoing, I am pleased I went.  I wouldn’t have missed the Eagles for anything.
I think Neil was going through a lot of anguish at that time as he had just lost two friends to drugs.  Yes the Eagles were brilliant. Some boys beside me were heckling Neil Young every time he started to sing.  They wanted 'Heart of Gold.'  I think Neil Young might have been in Glasgow before then. You've got to hand it ot him, he's lasted the course!  Anne Ross [reply]
went to this gig A Huge Neil Young fan and detesting The Eagles came out with reversed opinions.The Eagles were Superb only saw them coz my girlfriend liked them I wanted to stay in the Iron Horse what a mistake that would have been!Neil Young was a mess as was the sound This was the 1st gig i ever walked out of early glad to say  hes got a lot better over the years [reply]
If I was granted a wish to travel back in time and attend
any show from the past which I missed I would have no
hestitation in choosing Neil Youngs Nov73 Apollo gig with
the Santa Monica Flyers - and I wouldn't even care if I
missed the Eagles.

Although I wasn't there, this show is directly responsible
for turning me on to Neils music. One of my school friends
attended the show and came into school the next day telling
me pretty much what the previous replies on this thread stated,
Neil was wasted.....Eagles were amazing...played songs twice etc.
I was immediately captivated by this having had Neil down as
a wimpy sensitive singer/songwriter type not worth much investigation.
I borrowed a cassette tape of After The Goldrush and was blown
away thus beginning a 33 yr (and counting) obssession with
the man and his music.

I've since collected recordings of this show (sadly incomplete)
and several others from that tour and these are amongst my very
favourite music ever. Despite what folks say it sounds to me
like Neil does pretty good versions of his older songs and the
crowd sounds pretty enthusiastic even after the new songs. The
Tonights The Night stuff is off-key but then it's meant to be!
Glasgow got off lightly with only 2 versions of Tonights The Night
- at some shows he played it 3 times and in one legendary
US show from this tour played a >35min version!

I think what some folks are missing is that this was a pretty much
pre-planned show. The stage patter (Welcome to Miami Beach..everythings
cheaper than it looks folks) and layout was the same at all the shows.
Even Neil's wasted state ( on Tequila....for the record ) was a
constant feature and used more to get into the right mood for the shows
than the usual rock-star excess.

Finally got to see Neil for the first time at the April 2nd 1976
show. Highlight of this one was hearing Like A Hurricane for the
first time. I recorded that show and on my tape you can hear one
of my friends at the end of that song declaring "That was the best
f***ing thing I've ever heard in my life" - honestly, it was that
good. Crowd were on good form too.....I remember after the encores
when the lights came up people were still singing "Were gonna wait
until the morning comes....till the morning comes"! Unfortunately
I missed Neils appearence busking in Central Station earlier in the

As a footnote, Neil referred to the mighty Apollo some 17 years
later at a 1993 show at the SECC. ....."that was a great place - pity
they bulldozed it"

I couldn't agree more.
I saw Neil Young and Crazy Horse at the Apollo in 1976, but my ticket stub says 28th March - the same as the ticket stub on this site. Did he also play on the 2nd of April?  Or was the original gig rearranged for some five days later? 

Whatever the date, my recollections are as follows - I don't remember there being any support act and his set was dived into two - an acoustic section where he was on stage by himself (he was wearing a checked lumberjack type shirt) and played all the songs listed on here from "The Old Laughing Lady" right up to "Heart of Gold".  I am sure he said something at some point about being "as happy as John Denver".  He was then joined on stage by Crazy Horse and they played an electric set, first of all tearing into "Country Home".

During "Like A Hurricane", which was introduced as a new song, a huge electric fan was turned on at the side of the stage and was blowing  Neil's hair all over his face.  They finished up their set with "Cortez The Killer" and then played two separate encores, first of all "Cinnamon Girl" and then a barnstorming "Homegrown".  He must have played for well over two hours.

I thought it was absolutely fantastic and out of all the other times I have seen him play only bettered by when I saw him with Booker T and the MGs in Finsbury Park in London in 1995.
I was at that gig and my memory is that Neil Young and Crazy Horse were on great form and doing loads of brilliant electric stuff - including Cowgirl and others from Everybody knows this is Nowhere - but they were getting well booed from people who seemed to only want the more laid back stuff from After the Goldrush. Neil then took the huff and tried an accoustic set on his own but his heart wisny in it and he was obviously well slaughtered on something or other. Still a good night and the eagles were great even though I'd never heard of them before and slowly grew to hate them in future years. [reply]
I must have been at the 2 April show as there was no Eagles and the NY & CH show was tremendous!

I particularly remember hearing Like a Hurricane for the first time, and the huge fan side stage.

I was doubting my memory reading the comments above but am glad others put me straight!
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