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And then he walked along the edge of the Circle

This is the place where we will post your stories about the Green's Playhouse, The Glasgow Apollo and Satelitte City (The Wee Apollo). As it develops we will break the stories up into sections such as Myths, Gigs I missed, Meeting the Bands, Where are they now etc. No story too trivial and we will only edit out bad language!

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Comments on RUSH [reply]
Always brilliant, but never bloody loud enough! Still the thought of the Apollo chorus singing CLoser to the Heart still gives me goosebumps! [reply]
The best band EVER to grace that famous stage. Totally blew the crowd away every time they played there. I can still see Alex Lifeson playing his white Gibson Doubleneck, Geddy Lee playing his Rickenbacker 4001 bass, and Neil Peart almost hidden behind his drums at the back. Sheer class!!!  Cannot be equalled. [reply]
saw every gig they played at the apollo, was part of "the glaswegian choir" on exit stage left, shouted out "f*****g amazing" during neil's solo during the hemispheres tour (and i swear he looked up and smiled!!). have seen them at ingleston and the secc since but the atmosphere at the apollo was second to none. already ordered my tickets for september the 14th this year and hope to see some familiar faces there. [reply]
Had been listening a lot to All The Worlds A Stage, so when Rush announced they were touring the UK for the first time it was an opportunity not to be missed. This would have been 1977, and I went on to see and then another four more times at the Apollo and once down in Bingley Hall, England. Rush are definately up there in my top three bands of all time. Don't recall them not being loud enough though? [reply]
also part of the choir....remember seeing them at Edinburgh shortly after Glasgow on the same tour in the 70's. Saw them 2 nights running at Ingleston (1982 ??). [reply]
I mentioned my first Rush gig at the Apollo in the general forum but thought I'd expand it here too. I first saw the band in 1977 after reading a review of the band's Sheffield concert in "Sounds". I hadn't really heard any of their stuff at that time was was blown away by Geoff Barton's amazing review. I can still remember the headline....."WE HAVE ASSUMED CONTROL"! The venue was only half full and we bought tickets for the balcony (cheaper) so we could sit down if they were no good. But what a surprise. It did take a wee while to get used to Geddy Lee's vocal style but by the end the whole place was  jumpin'. I've seen them a few times since, but that was a special concert, even surpassing the "Closer to the Heart" moment. It was impossible to buy 2112 in Glasgow for a month after the gig but I managed to get copies of Fly by Night and Caress of Steel. never forget that night. I still have some photographs, somewhere, of later Rush gigs at the Apollo (snuck the camera in taped to the middle of my back - hellluva job getting it off) and I'll try and post these sometime. [reply]
I had seats in the balcony for the 1977 gig. Can't remember why I bought tickets for there but it did give a (surprisingly) good view of the stage. Always has been an Apollo highlight for me. 2112 still ranks as an outstanding work and lost none of it's impact live.
On reflection, I can't believe how young Rush were and the level of musicianship they had at that age.
Neil Peart would either inspire you to greater things or gie up the drums in frustration....I tried to emulate him for months after this gig but soon came to the conclusion it just wisnae gonnie happen for me. He's got much better over the years too....
Don't remeber ever thinking that they were not loud enough .... Certainly rocked recently at the SECC but could've turned it up more.
Weird replying to your own comments. If I recall Stray supported Rush that first night at the Apollo. I don't remember too much of the set but was impressed enough to buy two of their albums "Saturday Morning Pictures" and "Move it". There's no record on this web site of them playing though. I'm not imagining it, am I? [reply]
Even stranger replying to your own reply to your original post....I found a copy of a gig poster that confirmed Stray supported Rush on their first Apollo appearance. Does anyone have a song list or any other memories of their set? [reply]
The best band ever and still going strong. Great memories of The Apollo Gigs, the dry ice billowing from the stage during "2112" , the choir singing closer to the heart, saw them every tour they played even managed to meet them backstage.  Neil Peart drum god! [reply]
Couldn't agree more Colin! Was at both the gigs for Exit Stage Left, just to be sure of making the live album. We could only afford the Gods for the second night, but that meant that we saw Neil sneaking towards his kit before anyone else!  The R30 tour was awesome, so here's hoping the rumours of a new album (and tour?) are correct. [reply]
First saw them on the Hemispheres tour of '79 and being able to buy the tickets a couple of days before the gig. The following year during the Permanent Waves tour I had to dog school and queue for tickets the day they went on sale. While I spent a couple of hours waiting I remember Genesis were playing that night and I bought one of their tour programmes. Rush were brilliant both times and the live version of Closer to the Heart on the Exit Stage Left album was recorded at one of the Apollo gigs 1980 and hearing it just brings the venue back to life for me. [reply]
Good gig for the 'All The World's A Stage' tour 1978. Amazing drummer Neil Peart - he had al sorts of percussion stuff to hit apart from normal drums. [reply]
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