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And then he walked along the edge of the Circle

This is the place where we will post your stories about the Green's Playhouse, The Glasgow Apollo and Satelitte City (The Wee Apollo). As it develops we will break the stories up into sections such as Myths, Gigs I missed, Meeting the Bands, Where are they now etc. No story too trivial and we will only edit out bad language!

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Comments on Status Quo [reply]
THE Apollo band!! (with AC/DC a very close second, I was never lucky enough to see SAHB in their prime) The stories about the balcony are true, I remember being in the stalls just below the edge of the balcony and I wasn't the only one during 'Roll Over Lay Down' headbanging away but with one very wary eye constantly watching the balcony bounce up and down; and believe me it bloody well did!! Francis Rossi made frequent comment about it moving. Scary stuff but the stuff of legend! [reply]
Seeing Quo at The Apollo was quite an experience.Seen them there several times.Best place was front row of the balcony,and it really moved during Roll Over Lay Down. [reply]
Seeing Quo at The Apollo was quite an experience.Seen them there several times.Best place was front row of the balcony,and it really moved during Roll Over Lay Down. [reply]
Like all the other stories, they were all true.  In a test by university professors did the balcony not move about 2 feet?     I was there many times and I would love to see some video footage of one of these gigs.  People do not chant the band's name all the way through a gig like they did at a Quo concert [reply]
When you here the 1976(realeased 1977)Quo-Live Album and you're a Rockfan,you must be in "Rock-Heaven"!!!An unbelieveable performance!The Live-Album NR.1 of all time!!! [reply]
Saw the gig in 1975 with the Pretty Things awesome the rush was brilliant.Quo were superb and Rossi and Co did everything just the way it should be.  Exceptional performance by the Pretty Things they were a really good outfit. [reply]
Ah, Quo at the Apollo. Best for me was the end of the road tour in 84 - best part of 3 hours of non stop headbanging, except for the odd look up at the stage or the balcony to see if it was bouncing, and of course it bloody was! [reply]
Des, How're you doin? That was the night I drove back from Gary McKay's house with my handbrake on, then we had to abandon the car at my house with smoke coming out from everywhere to run up to the top of the hill to meet Tich.

March 84 superb!!
Casey, How's things. Just realised that this Saturday is the 25th anniversary of the End of the Road Tour. My first gig! Remember the Quo t-shirts at the Bowling Gala a few days later? [reply]
MMBR it well.   I was a spotty teenager at the time and for me it was the absolute mutts nutts.  stuck up the top balcony.  brilliant!!!!!!    still get goosebumps when I listen to the bootlegs of those nights. [reply]
I was fourteen at the time and it was brill!Denim waistcoats,army shirts and jeans were the fashion at the time and it was like a status quo uniform.I got a sticker with my ticket that said Im on the Quo album! I still have it stuck on my my quo double album which I am on singing Quo oh oh oh oo untill I had no voice left! Brill [reply]
I was lucky enough to break my Apollo virginity with the Quo 76 live tour and what an experience it was. 13 years old and totally new to live concerts I was shellshocked when Jackie Lynton uttered those immortal words on thatoctober night and went on to go to all of Quo's gigs up to when it shut down. I also wore my denim unform religiously; waistcoat, white shirt, Wrangler jacket, flared Levi's, the whole Rossi ensemble with the hair to match. Wondferful memories of meeting them at the Great Northern Hotel, the Albany, receiving plectrums, towels, autographs. Even when they were releasing ropey albums in the 80's they always knew that the fans wanted to hear 4500 times and not some crap single from Top of the Pops. I know I'm on that live album cover somewhere but just don't know where. Somewhere in dusty box I still have all the orginal programmes, the 'Blast of with Quo' 76 flyer and the 'I'm on the Quo Album' stickers. The highlight was always when the bouncers moved to the side and everyone just rushed to the space in front just to strain their necks for the next 2 hours. Brilliant live band at their peak during those Glasgow gigs. Think I'll go and study that live album again. [reply]
Status Quo were awesome at the Apollo..Its hard to find another group that get anywhere near their vibe, though I saw quite a few bands at the Apollo during the 70's,,,Slade & Gillan of course shared that vibe, & to a lesser degree...Suzi Quatro, Cozy Powell and at times T.Rex........what great memories remain!!!! [reply]
I saw the Mighty Quo 3 times at the Apollo in the early 80's. Fantastic memories of the energy in the place, just not stop. I also remeber running across to Buchanan Street Bus station to get the last steamy hot bus home to East Kilbride with all the rest of the Quo Army. I always got tickets for the circle and kept a cautious eye on the upper circle because you could see the lights that hung down jumping about because of the headbanging going of up top. Unfortunately the mythe about the circles are slightly exaggerated. I remember seeing a report on this phenonemon and although the balconys did move it was only a matter of a couple of inches. It was an optical illusion, which greatly increased the amount of 'bounce' as seen from the stage because of the unified movement of the fans rockin'. Sorry to put a dampener on this particular legend but they still rate as the 3 best concerts I've been to! Ever. [reply]
I went on all 3 nights when they recorded the double live album along with 3 mates. I was working in Govan yards at the time with a part time job as a barman in the evenings at the burnside Hotel to pay for a skiing trip to Austria, so getting the 3 nights off was a miracle. It will probably be the most memorable 3 nights of my life (including my honeymoon). The place was heavin each night with that bloody balcony always threatening to give way. I remember the english guy who introduced them (name escapes me) and I collapsed at his version of `Glasgow` sounding like`Glaascow`. A brilliant 3 nights that will be with me forever (I`m the whistler on Roll Over Lay Down at the quiet bit) [reply]
I can't remember which year this was - I saw them several times between 74 and 79 - but it was the Blue For You tour so 75 or 76. One of my favourite memories is, after around three encores and we were still shouting for more, Francis Rossi walking onto the side of an empty stage lit by blue lights and saying "Why don't you lot go bloody home!" They did come back and they did play more. They must have been the house band back then. [reply]
I saw Quo at the apollo kinda by accident.A girlfriend had a spare ticket as her sister was sick so I went instead.Reluctantly.I hated Quo-or so I thought.Up in the balcony surrounded by nutters aged from 16-60 it was the best concert I saw at the old bird and one of my best ever.As everybody knows the place really was bouncing and as nights go it was a stormer! [reply]
I remember my cousin George who lived in Corby was a huge Quo fan and asked me to get him tickets for the End of the road gig at the Apollo in 1984. He'd seen Quo all over the place, but never been privvy to a night of Quo at THE most famous venue in the world. I got a couple of tickets for me an him and up he came for the gig. He'd already been to quite a few gigs on the tour already and we went in and he went straight to the merchandise booth and started chatting to the guy who was selling the stuff. He'd asked him to save him one of the shirts for him as it was sold out at the last gig he was at, and i was most impressed as he had done this for him. We had tickets for the gods and i remember his shock at the length of the climb to get to our seats. Not long after they came on, i grabbed him and told him we were going to the stalls so he could see for himself that the balcony did bounce when Quo were in full tilt. We fought our way down to the stalls and ended up about 8 rows from the front and when he looked back and up to the circle he couldn't believe his eyes - that balcony was giving it serious welly. Quo were in fine form and it was a night that both of us will remember forever. Quo at the Apollo - doesn't get much better than that. [reply]
Great gig I agree,but at the risk of incurring the wrath of Quo fans I really thought that Montrose were better.Sammy Hagar strutting about the stage (polka dot breeks et all) singing "Rock Candy" will stay with me forever , what a vocal performance ! [reply]
Six of us left school early and headed for glasgow in a renault 10. I dont know who was driving but he had a string round his neck to ease the accelerator off. We arrived in glasgow and stopped at lights in west campbell street when a pick up drew up along side. Two dudes in the back threw about three thousand montrose floppy discs into the back of the car. I think they chucked the rest of the top of the balcony that night. Quo were always magnificent in those days but montrose ran them close that night. [reply]
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