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And then he walked along the edge of the Circle

This is the place where we will post your stories about the Green's Playhouse, The Glasgow Apollo and Satelitte City (The Wee Apollo). As it develops we will break the stories up into sections such as Myths, Gigs I missed, Meeting the Bands, Where are they now etc. No story too trivial and we will only edit out bad language!

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Comments on Waysted [reply]
i remember seeing waysted as support to iron maiden (think it was the powerslave tour). waysted were a great support band, what i remember most was that they played a few ufo numbers which went down well a great night. [reply]
fin came on (1984 support to iron maiden) with his balls busting out of his tight spandex. he must have put a large hamster in there. ace performance but very very short. about 20 minutes. waysted were one of those bands that should have been huge but they never quite got there. i'd love to see paul chapman and pete way get back together again. [reply]
and are playing Glasgow barfly 26th [reply]
and are playing Glasgow Barfly 26th Jan 05

Myself and Jim are having a Waysted afternoon at the Solid Rock on the 6th August 12 noon - 5.30pm.  Come along, listen to waysted classics and new album and Drink!!!! It's a good warm up before the sept gig!!!

Check the Waysted Website for more Details www.waysted*xx*
What i remember about the gig was,Fin shouting "this is the best f**king place in the whole world" it then dawned on me he was one of us.They went down well though. [reply]
September 11th 1984, on a cold wet Tuesday night Iron Maiden would kick off the British leg of their WORLD SLAVERY TOUR at the mighty and legendary GLASGOW APOLLO, support for this stint of the tour was none other than the equally mighty WAYSTED. After weeks of waiting (that felt like years!!!) it was finally time. We were in the middle section of the stalls for the gig and couldn't wait to see Waysted again after their performance at the Rock & Pop festival a few months earler.

This time there was the added bonus of a new crackin' line up with Paul Chapman on guitar and Andy Parker on drums. I've been to thousands of metal & rock gigs, only a couple of times have I been blown away by the support band, recently on the Priest tour the Scorpions played a blinder, blew Priest off the stage in my opinion (but the Scorps should never be a support band anyway!!) and the other time was Waysted at the Apollo.

The atmosphere in the Apollo at a rock gig was always electric, best gig in the world!! As we entered the stalls it seemed that EVERYONE had arrived early, usually the place would be half empty for a support slot, not this time, the stalls were packed to bursting. I had a look up at the circle and the balcony and they were overflowin' too!! The crowd were chanting, not Maiden the headline act, but 'WAYSTED WAYSTED WAYSTED'.

The roar from the crowd was thunderous, it was incredible that WAYSTED were just the support band, if you had just walked in off the street, you would have thought that the greatest band ever were about to hit the stage - and they were!!!!!!

Alright Glasgow, lets get F**kin' WAAAYYYSSSTTTEEEDDDD!!!!!

'Won't Get Out Alive' opening riff blasted from the PA, and then they appeared on stage in full rock rock & roll glory. Fin seemed to be totally buzzing, being in his hometown, and the rest of the band could'n't believe the crowd that had turned up to see them. Good on Maiden too for giving them a great sound - it helps when the main man in Maiden is a big fan too!!!!

'Rock Steady' is next, followed by 'Love Loaded'. Fin was in good voice and lapping up the reaction from his hometown. UFO classic 'Only You Can Rock Me' then 'The Price You Pay' A quick swig of some beer and then it's 'Toy With The Passion' and to finish off, 'Too Hot Too Handle' with the roof nearly blown off in the singalong section.

Then they were gone, the crowd pleaded and begged for more, but alas there was a schedule to keep to and the Maiden stage had to be set up. Actually, the guys in Maiden who had all watched from a box must have been cackin' themselves, how were they goin' to beat that reception?

I looked forward to seeing Waysted again many times after that. I thought a band who could get that sort of reception at the Apollo could do anything!! Sadly that didn't happen. The next opportunity I got to see WAYSTED was when they supported Quo on the 'In The Army Now Tour' or whatever it was called. The best part of that gig was when Fin came on and joined in 'Around & Around'. WAYSTED without Fin is like Maiden without Eddie, AC/DC without Angus, Bert without Ernie!!!! Sure the music was still excellent, but gone was that bar-room brawl feeling when you listened to them with Fin, that rough 'just walked in and belted out an album' sound that made them unique, ballsy, bluesy rock, totally British and you could tell.

We had tickets for the January tour but alas! Roll on September so that me and Jimbo can once again go and get F**kin' Completely Waysted again........

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